Our team

Our trainers are among the best around. Their teaching styles and backgrounds are very diverse.

They will all welcome you with a smile and provide you with the inspiration and personal attention you need to take up the Vita fitness challenge!


Federica01Expect: highly effective body-transforming and deeper-sculpting sequences, an overall burn and faster results!

Great for: getting that killer body and an endorphin high!


raoni01Expect: a unique blend of reformer routines and fast cardio movements which create slender bodies and lean muscles.

Great for: those who want to feel the burn but don’t like the idea of sweaty fitness classes.


DanielExpect: to be put through your paces in a tough workout that will sculpt and tone as you sweat.

Great for: feeling the buzz of an upbeat workout and those who need a bit of fun to take their mind off the pain!


RaoniExpect: To be put through your paces with body-shaping routines that will make you feel toned and satisfied after every workout!

Great for: those who want to take their fitness to the next level with fat-blasting and calorie-burning routines that will leave you trim and lean.


DeeExpect: a cheery combo of uncomplicated core-strengthening and deeper sculpting exercises where no muscle will be left unattended to!

Great for: those needing a little extra help to stick to the New Year's/beach-ready body resolutions!.


ScottExpect: The buzz of an upbeat, full-body workout that will lengthen, shape, and tone your figure, leaving you wanting more!

Great for: Those who need a workout makeover; this is a new and fun way to get the body you’ve always wanted!


VictoriaExpect: to try anything (from jump-boards to ballet moves) in her quest for the most effective and enjoyable session.

Great for: those wanting to take the “smart” approach to fitness to a whole new level and exercise in a lovely atmosphere.

James D

JamesExpect: the perfect combination of whole body conditioning and heart pounding moves delivered with infectious positivity for a really intense but fun body-shaping workout.

Great for: those wanting to kick-start a new fitness routine and the fitness obsessed who want to go that extra inch further!

James H

James HExpect: a high-energy and fast paced workout that will leave you wondering where your gold medal is!

Great for: those wanting to increase their stamina and take their fitness to the next level.


JakeExpect: a highly effective mix of dynamic moves and clever drills to power your workout and achieve results fast.

Great for: those who want to be challenged and pushed to the next level by a charming chap!


OwenExpect: high-intensity yet fun sequences that will leave your body shaking and aching and your mind ready to achieve your hottest body ever!

Great for: those who want to get a fitness upgrade to transform their body!



For new Vita clients ...

We currently have 3 special offers to welcome you to try our studio:

1st session less than half price

Get your first Vita small group session for less than half price. Contact us.

10 Days Unlimited

Or try a 'fitness concentrate' with unlimited sessions (max one a day) within a period of 10 consecutive days for only £87. Contact us.

Blended package offer

Or get a one-to-one private session with one of our senior trainers plus two small group sessions with a saving of £74! Contact us.

NEW! Private Online Sessions!

Don't live near the studio? Get fit and feel great from the comfort of your home. Contact us.

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